Saturday, 14 January 2012


Well folks, looks like I'm actually going to do this. The days are clicking by and my moods shift from excitement to panic with all the shades of emotions in between. As I'm weeding through all my belongings preparing for my two years away, I feel like I'm on an archaeological dig. I've found some interesting my mortgage release document amongst sewing odds and ends in the closet... lots of notes, photos, and mementos, from various stages in my life...but most notably, I found myself staring back at me. What a life!.

The big question is, am I any smarter? I'd like to think that experience teaches you things so leaving for 2 years to Cambodia is definitely going to be huge. It seems my life has been a series of new beginnings. Yup, Terry Nuyten, I'm off to reinvent myself yet again. I truly feel like I am off into thin air without the slightest idea what the landing will be like, or where my journey will take me. Isn't that exciting, just totally letting go of everything you know to experience a different land, culture, and value system? Guess we'll see how smart I have become won't we!!

Well, I've finished my series of vaccines, my plane ticket and a list of instructions upon arrival in Phnom Penh are in hand, and I have many, many last minute details to address. I have spent most of the last few weeks getting up to speed (imagine a tortoise if you will) on how to use a laptop, learning about and buying an ereader, AND, I must say, feeling totally inept with technology. I still need to get a cell phone when I arrive in the heck will I remember how to negotiate around all these different devices. (Okay Kymberley, I can hear you laughing as your aunt is working at shedding her Luddite status.) I have managed to figure out how to access my Downton Abbey episodes though, as some things really are a priority.

I am so touched by all the interest from people I have heard from or talked to and I feel so lucky to know such truly wonderful beings. I did want to remind everyone about the Cuso International fundraiser and my farewell event on Saturday, January 21st at Studio B from 6pm to 9pm. I'm hoping you will be there so I have a chance to thank you for your support and say my goodbyes. There will be entertainment (no, I'm not singing or dancing) by the Intunistics, some munchies, and a few draw prizes for those who have made or will have made a donation. If you can't make it( : ( sob, sob!) drop a line or post to my blog if you get a chance.

The next blog you receive will be from Cambodia in a few weeks. Of course, I will have to figure out how to do all of this again, as well as get the pictures from my camera to my blog. Hope you are patient and tolerant.

Lots of love and thoughts to all of you. I hope to hear about your lives and get news from you because you are going to keep in touch with me...right?

See you on my next blog,